9 - 10am


Pierre Floquet

The Es-sense of Movement
Aka: Les sens du mouvement

10 - 10:30am

Morning coffee break (Level 2 Lobby)

10:30 - 12:30pm | Session 1 Panels

20min Talks

Expanding Approaches to Animation Studies

Chair: Ann Bridget Owen

Ann Bridget Owen: Reinventing the Wheel: an approach to animation, neuroscience, life and everything
Andy Buchanan: The Role of Practice as a Methodology in Transdisciplinary Animation Research
Alan Cholodenko: The Expanding Universe of Animation (Studies)
20min Talks

Psychoanalysis and Medicine in Animation

Chair: Savannah Logsdon

Savannah Logsdon: Why Aren't Women Funny? An Analysis on Gender Dynamics in Animated Comedies
Jeremiah Hosana: The Imperfect Messiah: Challenging the Conventions of the Messianic Archetype
Eileen Reynolds: Transforming the Schizophrenic Through Cinematic Therapy and the 48-hour Film Festival
Sophie Mobbs: Learning to See: How Animation might help carers provide comfort to those in Palliative Care
20min Talks

Animation Studies in Southeast Asia

Chair: Peter Chanthanakone

Ang Qing Sheng: The Introspective Merlion – Transculturalism in Singaporean Animation
Arik Kurnianto: Lost in Animation: Finding Indonesia in the World History of Animation
Molly Velasco: The Life Histories of Filipino Short Film Animators
Love Cabrera Asis: Marking of The Past: The Original Content Animated Film of The Philippines

12:30 - 1:30pm


1:30 - 3pm | Session 2 panels

20min Talks

Ephemeral, Invisible: Animation out of Sight

Chair: Paul Ward

Samantha Moore: Animating Invisibilia
Aylish Wood: Seeing the Invisible: Excavating Animation Software Algorithms
Paul Ward: Hiding in plain view: the in/visibility of animated interstitials
20min Talks

The Scientific Cosmos of Animation 1

Chair: Mihaela Mihailova

Laurence Arcadias, Robin Corbet: MICA animates Fermi: A Collaboration Between Art Students and Astronomers
Jack McGrath: Animating The Quantum Understanding the Universe through animation: from Surrealism to Quantum Mechanics
Erwin Feyersinger: Animated Visualizations in Science Fiction Films
20min Talks

Indian Animation

Chair: Kristy Kang

Paritosh Singh: Animating Indianness: A study of assimilating Indian images in a western narrative
Timothy Jones: From Rhythm to Reliance: The globalized discourse of Indian animation
Nina Sabnani: Animated Stories from the Margins: animation as a way of representing ethnography

3 - 3:30pm


3:30 - 5pm | Session 3 panels

20min Talks

Animation History

Chair: Eileen Reynolds

Dan Torre: Abstracting the Real World: A Critical Look at Abstract Stop-Motion Animation
Dirk de Bruyn: Re-processing the Mystical Rose
Kirsten Moana Thompson: The Mighty Atom!: Reddy Made Magic with Reddy Kilowatt
20min Talks

Digital Affect: The power within digital animation to move

Chair: Miriam Harris

Miriam Harris: Digital Affect: An exploration of emotional resonance within digital experimental animation
Gregory Bennett: Kinaesthetic affect in motion capture and animation
Jason Kennedy: Automation versus animation: a case for the affective potential of CG animation
20min Talks

Adaptation and Illustration in Asian Animation

Chair: Yin Ker

Debjani Bandyopadhyay (Mukherjee): Interpretation of Narrative Illustrations: A comparative Study of Illustrations by the Children from Indigenous and Formal Art Education Backgrounds
Turine Viet-Tu Tran: Negotiating Universal Themes and Local Traditions in 3 Visual Adaptations of the Chinese Classic Journey to the West
Zurianah Hashim: Towards A Methodology For Innovative Styles In Animation: A Look at Modern Art and UPA
20min Talks
Trancending Barriers Through Animation
Chair: Christine Veras
Leong Jia Wei: Transculturation as a Source for Inspiration in Animation
Fauzi Naeim Mohamed: A Heideggerian Reading of Begone Dull Care
Lee Jolly: The Visual Perception of Movement in 'Game Worlds'

5 - 6pm

Special Event

Best of ADM Digital Animation Faculty

Curated by: Ishu Patel

Special Event

Korean Animation Today: Conferences, Festivals and Industry Initiatives

Chaired by: Dallim Park


Special Event

Complimentary bus transport to Satay by the Bay

Bus departing from ADM lobby and coming back to ADM at 10:30pm