9 - 10:30am | Session 6 Panels

20min Talks

Immersive Environments and Virtual Reality

Chair: Ben Slater

Elke Reinhuber: Staging the Holodeck-Photographic Imagery for Immersive Experiences in Virtual Environments
Gray Hodgkinson: Virtual Reality will break your narrative
Jürgen Hagler, Michael Lankes: Animating interactive spaces
20min Talks

Animation in the Middle East 1

Chair: Millie Young

Javad Khajavi: The Way of the Word: Re-animating Islamic Calligraphy through Time-based Art
Fatemeh Hosseini-Shakib: The Discreet Charm of Capitalism: Animation Production Reaching Out for Free Market in the Post-Nuclear-Deal Iran
Tariq Alrimawi: How would the computer animation help the new generation of Arab artists to practice the Arabic calligraphy in the religious animated films?
20-Min talks

Animated Personalities

Chair: Paul Ward

Lienors Torre: Persona, Celebrity, and the Animated Object
Akshata Udiaver: The Internet as Catalyst and Carrier for Animation
Alan Nguyen: Non-Violent Conflict Resolution in Animated Superhero Narratives
20-Min talks

Animation Under Influence

Chair: Kathrin Albers

Juan Camilo Gonzalez: Data Driven Drawings
Anitha Balachandran: Animated Avatar: a motion-capture hero in South Asia
Marina Teixeira Kerber: Pixillation: studies beyond the "trick"

10:30 - 11am

Morning coffee break (Level 2 Lobby)

11 - 12:30pm | Session 7 panels

20min Talks

British Animation and Beyond

Chair: Ben Slater

Malcolm Cook: Advertising and animation: Aardman and the development of a brand
Vicky Jackson: "What do we get from a Disney film if we cannot see it?" The BBC and the "Radio Cartoon" 1934-1953
20min Talks

Animation in the Middle East 2

Chair: Javad Khajavi

Leila Honari: Reflecting on proto-animation techniques in the mandalic forms of Persian traditional arts
Monireh Astani: The Representation of Urban Humans, Spaces and Relations of Contemporary Iran in the TV Series "Traffic Culture"
Sara Khalili: An investigation into Aristotle's 2-act structure and its advantages in short comedic animation scriptwriting (in comparison with Syd Field's 3-act Structure)
20min Talks

Expanded Animation Cinema

Chair: Ben Shedd

Frank Geßner: Alias Yederbeck – Expanded Animation Cinema
Amy Lee Ketchum: Animation and the Avant-Garde: tracing animation's trajectory in the fine arts and cinema
João Paulo Schlittler: Animation as a Transmedia Interface
20min Talks

Adaptation: Fidelity, Sequels, and Gender Representation

Chair: Denise Varias

Denise Alyssa Varias: Adaptation and fidelity criticism: Why fidelity does not equal a successful film
Almira Desiani Khanna: Female Character Representation in Animation
Joceline Natasha Hyaning: The Potential of Sequels

12:30 - 1:30pm


1:30 - 2:30pm


Rolf Giesen

"Chinamation": Local Production or Global Power?

Introduction by Mr. Sascha Kienzle
Head of Science and Technology Department
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Special Event

Best of Singapore Independent Animation

Curated by: Tan Wei Keong

60 minutes

2:30 - 4pm | Session 8 panels

20min Talks

Indigenous Animation and Adaptation Studies

Chair: Nina Sabnani

Lais Pereira: Landscape, heroes, folktales and caricatures: representations of national identity in Portuguese animation
Deborah Szapiro: Decolonising Animation: Indigenous animation and alternative futures
Isaac Kerlow: The Making of SHADOWS
20min Talks

Animation and Fine Arts: "Invading" the Galleries?

Chair: Ben Shedd

Lea Vidakovic: Alternative narrative structures in a spatial context: new approaches in animation storytelling
Lynn Tomlinson: Animating the Gallery: Curating "Cross-Pollinated – Hybrid Art Abuzz"
Christine Veras: Animation in the gallery: conquering the white cube
20min Talks

Animation Beyond the Screen

Chair: Elke Reinhuber

Franziska Bruckner: The Cosmos of Hybridity in Animation, Film and Media Studies
June Kim, Tomasz Bednarz: Being and Thing become space[s]. – reflecting // interacting // mirroring
Kristy H.A. Kang: Animating Place: Projection Mapping, Cultural Heritage and Urban Art in Singapore

4 - 5pm

Special Event

Book Signing Session with Hans Bacher and Ishu Patel

They will be signing their books "Sketchbook-Composition Studies for Film" and "Asian Lives: A Closer Look" respectively.

Tables will be located in Level 2, outside of the ADM Auditorium

5 - 7pm

SAS Annual meeting

Meeting chaired by Paul Ward and Pam Turner
SAS Board Members


SAS Postgraduate Network meeting

Complimentary bus transport to city from ADM lobby to Fullerton Hotel (downtown), back to NTU/ADM at 10pm

Conference participants can spend time around Merlion Park and enjoy the "Light & Water Show" and after that they can cross over the road walk all the way to Clark Quay. In between they can enjoy the night view of Singapore River.