9 - 10:30am | Session 9 Panels

20min Talks

Animation in Asia

Chair: Hassan Muthalib

Terry Man Chi Cheung: Chinese Independent Animation in the Contemporary World: Case Studies of Hong Kong and Mainland China
Millie Young: Herding the Proverbial Siamese Cats – The Beginning of a New Chapter
Raina Pankaj Patel: A connecting bridge between Animation and Performing arts
20min Talks

3D Animation Aesthetics

Chair: Ben Seide

Santiago Montesdeoca, Seah Hock Soon: Artistically Driven Non-Photorealistic Computer Animation
Hillary Yeo: Dynamism given by facial expressions
20-Min talks

Thinking beyond borders 1

Chair: Kirsten Thompson

Mihaela Mihailova: The Life Plasmatic: Digital Bodies and the Negotiation of Reality
Jacqueline Ristola: Recreating Reality: The Documentary Genre Within Waltz With Bashir and Persepolis
Rachel Walls: tranSTURM: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration

10:30 - 11am

Morning coffee break (Level 2 Lobby)

11 - 12:30pm | Session 10 panels

20min Talks

A closer look on animation

Chair: Gray Hodgkinson

Tyler S. Williams: The Irrelevance of Authorship? Appropriation and Absurdity in "Space Ghost Coast to Coast"
Pooja Pottenkulam: Schools and Festivals; Impact and Influence of the Animation Festival Circuit on UK Animation Education
Peter Chanthanakone: Animation Production: Lessons Learned in Interdisciplinary and International Student Collaboration
20min Talks

The Scientific Cosmos of Animation 2

Chair: Ben Shedd

Robyn Ludwig: Wall་E and the Ecological Footprint of Animation Production
Sim Jian Hao: Animating Myth and Science on the Same Stage
Nicolò Ceccarelli: Exposing animation. Designing families of animated idents for exhibiting identity
20min Talks

Thinking beyond borders 2

Chair: Lea Vidakovic

Peter Moyes, Louise Harvey: The Fat Lady Explodes When new illusions meet ol’ time real time: mo-cap, virtuality and live music performance
Pedro Serrazina: The Creation and Use of Animated Space as a Narrative Device in the Works of Krumme and Driessen
Eliska Decka: Different Continents but Only One Animated Cosmos

12:30 - 2pm


2 - 2:45pm


Teresa Cheng
General Manager Lucasfilm Singapore

10 years of Lucasfilm Singapore - Creating World Class Visual Effects and Digital Animation in Asia

2:45 - 3pm

Closing addresses

Assoc. Prof. Hannes Rall
Conference Chair

Chair of ADM Prof. Vibeke Sorensen
Conference Co-Chair

Prof. Paul Ward
SAS Board Member

3 - 4pm

Closing tea reception